Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions were working with a nationwide environmental services contractor who was unable to obtain cost effective insurance as a result of many years of health and safety failures. These failures eventually resulted in a large fine and prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive for breaching regulations.

The size of the fine, combined with the increasing costs of their insurance, became such a burden on the business that they were considering not purchasing insurance at all, although they knew this was not a sustainable option and would leave their business significantly exposed. As a result of their struggles to find affordable insurance the business was weeks away from folding.

Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, commissioned a full health and safety review and audit for the company. This demonstrated that the business had turned around the poor health and safety practices they had previously allowed to manifest and had implemented outstanding health and safety methods across the business. These new measures enabled the insurer to accept the risk, and offer cover at a reasonable premium. This combined with risk management bursaries and long-term premium stability enabled the client to budget for their risk management and insurance costs, and continue trading.

Following the turbulent time the client had a few years ago, the business is now flourishing; operating one of the largest specialist recycling centres in the UK, whilst continuing to enjoy a cost effective insurance solution and risk management advice from Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions.

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