Specialist Risk Private Clients is an established and fast-growing department within Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions (SRIS). Our experienced team offer a concierge-led service across a range of products for high-net-worth individuals and families and strives to achieve client-driven results with a first-class service.

Private Clients - Car Collection


Who do we cover?

Private Client insurance is different to the products found online and in the direct insurance market. The unique characteristics of the type and quantity of assets held by high-net-worth individuals call for a more detailed appreciation to insuring them. This includes:

  • C-suite professionals

  • Affluent individuals and their families

  • Collectors of art, jewellery, antiques, and wine

  • Individuals with complex portfolios, both domestically and internationally

  • UK non-domiciled individuals


Private Clients - Property


What do we cover?

Our specialists go above and beyond to safeguard what is most valuable to you and your family for the future. The team is pleased to assist you in the following areas:

  • High-value household

  • Listed buildings

  • Private offices and family offices

  • Antiques Jewellery and watches

  • Fine art Wine collections

  • Coins and gold bullion

  • Boats and pleasure craft

  • Holiday homes

  • Building works and renovations

  • Motor, including family fleet and high-value or classic cars

Enhanced cover for private clients

For a private client motor product: 

  • Comprehensive cover whilst driving other cars
  • Agreed value
  • Comparable courtesy car 
  • Choice of repairer
  • Any driver cover for your vehicles

For a private client household product:

  • Worldwide All-Risks cover for contents and valuables
  • Extended alternative accommodation
  • High single-article limits for art and jewellery
  • Annual Travel insurance
  • Home Cyber insurance
  • Home Emergency insurance
  • Extended Reinstatement insurance
  • Desktop or full onsite appraisals (free of charge)
  • Unlimited cover for tracing and accessing a leak within the home
  • Cover for new purchases up to 25% of the contents sum insured 
  • Cover for students’ possessions whilst away at University
  • Higher inner limits for the properties undergoing building works and renovations
  • Holiday homes and investment properties can be included in one policy with the main residence

A Specialist Risk Group Company 

Our parent company, Specialist Risk Group (SRG) is one of the fastest-growing groups of insurance intermediaries in the UK.

Specialist Risk Private Clients is an SRIS team that is part of a wider selection of businesses within the Group. These businesses provide a bespoke service to our unique markets and clients.

With a global reach, SRG is making its mark on the industry as a culture-driven and people-focused business.

Contact our team

Gabriella Roberts

Development Executive

Amanda Shenton

Development Executive

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Group 5

“Having decided to seek alternative insurance, I was most impressed by the products and service provided by the SR Private Clients team. Amanda Shenton, a Development Executive I found most professional, she was honest, advised us on our personal requirements and ensured we understood the options completely.”

Group 5

“Amanda has provided private insurance services to myself and my family for many years. What sets her apart is her attention to detail in relation to my personal circumstances in order to source the policy that best suits my needs and then the determination to drive the best premium outcome.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I want to carry out some building work on my property?

All insurers need to know about any building works before they commence at your property. We would need to gather information surrounding any JCT contract signed, including whether the occupant has or has not moved out for the duration of the build, the total value of the work, the expected duration, and a description of what the work entails. Our team will then liaise with the insurer and advise next steps to provide options to ensure both the existing structure and the contracted works are covered. 

I'm planning to buy a new item of jewellery, what information do you need?

When new jewellery is added to a collection through purchase, gifts, or inheritance during a policy year, we should be notified of the description and value of the item to ensure it is covered adequately. If the item exceeds the single article limit of the policy, we will then need proof of purchase or a recent valuation. 

How often do my jewellery and watches need to be valued?

To ensure the values are up to date on the schedule, and to avoid disappointment in the event of a claim, most insurers require valuations every 3 years for jewellery and watches. 

What are the benefits of using a broker instead of online comparison sites?

As a specialist broker for Private Clients, we have access to high-net-worth markets which are not available direct, or through comparison websites. We can provide a unique risk appraisal and audit your current policy documents to find a tailored policy to suit your specific needs. 
We are also able to put you in touch with specialist third parties, who can assist with jewellery valuations, rebuild cost valuations, security upgrades, flood defences and more.

I have more than one property, can you cater for this?

All our high-net-worth insurers can provide cover for your portfolio, this means that we can arrange one policy to cover your main home, second homes, holiday homes, travel, and motor policies. 

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