We were first introduced to Miles Smith in 2014 by our financiers. Miles Smith, now known as Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions,  were able to demonstrate that they could streamline our Insurances and in so doing, reduce our premiums considerably. We therefore transferred to them mid-term and immediate savings were negotiated with the holdings Insurers. Improvements in cover were also added immediately, including a contract works limit to allow us to refurb stores up to an agreed limit, without having to refer back to Insurers.

During the first 3 years with Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, we have received excellent service and their dedicated team are always on hand to assist us. They also have an excellent relationship with the Insurer, which means if our alarms or shutters aren’t working late on a Friday evening, we can always rely on Specialist Risk and the Insurer to cover us until we are able to secure the store and there are specific arrangements in place for these situations.

We have regular claims meetings with our Broker and Insurers and in tandem with our own vigorous risk management, this has assisted in keeping our claims costs down and as such achieved high levels of low claims rebates annually.

The Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions team constantly review our Insurance portfolio to ensure this is keeping pace with changes in legislation and generally in the world of ever-changing risk awareness and threats.

At last renewal, a thorough marketing exercise was carried out, the result being that we again saved a significant sum and fixed our rates for a further 3-year period, to allow us certainty of insurance spend.

Overall, our move to Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, has proved extremely successful and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

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