Working in the building and engineering services sector exposes your business to distinct risks that are impossible to protect against without the advice of a trusted insurance partner.

As the work your employees carry out involves installing and maintaining crucial utilities such as heating, power, and lighting, it is vital that your business has the appropriate insurance cover in place. Due to the diverse risks that your business is exposed to, it can be necessary to work with an insurance broker who specialises in your industry, if not, you could be at risk of huge losses if something goes wrong.

At Specialist Risk, we take the time to understand the risks your business faces before we use our knowledge and well-established relationships in the market to arrange insurance. We are experts in arranging insurance solutions and specialise in a number of niche industry segments, including building and engineering services.


Our Group combine over 30 years of experience in arranging insurance for businesses that provide building and engineering services

We can work with businesses of all sizes, whether you are a sole trader or have hundreds of employees

Due to the outstanding relationships we have within the insurance market, we can arrange specific extensions to our liability insurance

Our approach is tailored to each business we work with and our solutions are bespoke depending on your business’s requirements

When working with Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a knowledgeable team who are well equipped to deal with any insurance or risk management queries you may have. Due to the knowledge we have in this industry, we are also able to arrange extensions to our liability insurance, such as asbestos discovery and financial loss.

Our smart solutions provide assurance that, if an unexpected event occurs and something goes wrong, we can get your business back up and running promptly.

No matter what your business does or what role you carry out, our specialist team can tailor a bespoke insurance programme to ensure your business is inclusively protected.


We arrange insurance for all types of building and engineering businesses. Some examples of these include:

  • Heating contractors
  • Ventilation contractors
  • Air-conditioning engineers
  • Refrigeration engineers
  • Mechanical engineering contractors
  • Electrical contractors


Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, was asked by a large nationwide retailer to undertake a thorough review of its insurance provisions to highlight any potential gaps in cover.

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Does my trade fall within Specialist Risk’s appetite?

We work with all types of trades across a multitude of industry sectors. Please call us to discuss your specific needs and our expert team will be happy to assist.

Where is Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions located?

Our head office is in the City of London, the address is:

One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB. We also have offices in Croydon and Ampthill, Bedfordshire however we are currently working remotely due to COVID-19.

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