The principle of Open Cover is simple and straightforward, to provide automatic cover on Assets and Liabilities subject to an appointment, from the instant you are appointed. Our Open Cover product satisfies this requirement by offering up to 30 days automatic cover on a diverse range of trades.

Our service is tailored to your individual requirements and where you need a bespoke solution, we are here to assist you.


When we receive formal notification of appointment for a clients larger trading or more complex risks, we will undertake site visits on your behalf to ensure that assets are correctly covered and that they are legally compliant. This allows us to see the risk with our own eyes, assess client requirements and provide insurers with important risk information



Automatic cover

No lengthy or complicated application forms

Advice and monitoring throughout currency of each individual case

Specific Property Owners product with expanded wording

Management and supervision of Pre-Appointment insurance whether continued or cancelled

Loss recovery and claims assessment

Our expert team can conduct site visits and risk appraisals


Traditionally Property cover in the LPA/FCR market has seen the use of hybrid wordings that were originally devised to apply to the commercial requirements of Insolvency Practitioners.

In a rapidly changing LPA/FCR market this ‘one size fits all’ offering is not flexible enough to meet the majority of client’s requirements. Therefore in conjunction with our trading partners and insurers we have developed one of the most complete Property covers specifically tailored for this sector.


There are several different services SRIS can provide in relation to Pre-Appointment insurance:

Turnaround/investigation process

We can review and report on the adequacy of a company’s existing insurance programme, which can be required for bank reporting purposes. We will advise on whether the assets are adequately protected by insurance and highlight cost savings we could make by restructuring their existing insurance programme.

Pre-Appointment cover

Where cover is required prior to a formal liquidation or administration taking place, we can arrange cover for this hiatus period to protect the assets prior to any formal appointment.

Cancellation of Pre-Appointment cover

Once a formal insolvency appointment has occurred and Open Cover is in place, we will arrange for cancellation of the pre-appointment insurances and obtain any available refunds. SRIS will also take over the handling of pre-appointment claims matters.

Keeping Pre-Appointment insurances in place

There are occasions when it may be advisable to keep Pre-Appointment insurances in place. They may be of a specialist nature or are fully paid and non-refundable upon cancellation. We will undertake a thorough review and we will only recommend this course of action where the client would benefit from the protection provided.


Our Bond product has been specifically designed to satisfy all regulatory and licensing needs…
Extensive cover for multiple properties, including those which are not subject to formal Insolvency appointments…
We have developed a cost-effective range of insurance options for Bankruptcies, including Financial Interest cover…
We can arrange for remote or on-site advice such as day one checklists and/or compliance audit surveys…
We can undertake a fire risk assessment on your behalf, allowing you to focus on other areas of the appointment…


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Am I able to defer settlement of the insurance premium until the assets have been sold?

Yes, we are able to agree deferred payment arrangements upon request, although in the event of a claim the premium up to the period of the loss will need to be settled before the claim will be paid out

Do you have a facility to view copy documents and invoices?

Yes, we have a Client Service Portal which provides a document library and the ability to notify us of policy amendments and claims. Please get in touch with your Client Executive or any member of our Open Cover Team to sign-up

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