“It makes things a lot easier, particularly when insurance isn’t your area of expertise. You want someone who understands how you’re set up, the way your board is, how you have to get things approved, and that you’re commercial, but do have other aspects.”

Chelmsford Star has 43 food outlets and a couple of department stores, so are aware that they are likely to be making claims, whether that’s a motor claim, an employee liability claim, or slip/trip claims from members of the public.

“We had used other brokers in the past. I’d say Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, are more proactive. They’ll look into things for you, chase things up, whatever needs to be done they make it very easy. We have a great relationship with Alan Tattler and his team both with regards to underwriting, claims and risk management. The service we receive is excellent.”

“We were with the same insurer that we were before, but the service is better because of the broker. In addition, when we appointed Miles Smith, now Specialist Risk, we were already in a long term agreement with the insurer but they were able to renegotiate the agreement and provided us with considerable cost savings.”

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