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Driving safely in winter

December 16, 2022

With the sun sitting lower, frosted windows, high winds, and heavy rain, driving in the UK during winter can be challenging for even the most experienced drivers.

Here are some top tips to protect your drivers and help you reduce your business’s risks through the winter months:

1. Ensure tyres are checked regularly

Ensuring the tyres for your fleet are in good condition is vital, particularly during winter, as the weather conditions reduce tyre grip. It is good practice for your drivers to have a routine in place to keep an eye on their tread depth and replace tyres when needed.

2. Allow a safe distance between vehicles

Good braking habits are important all year round as better braking leads to less tyre wear which in turn reduces fuel consumption and vehicle downtime. During the winter months especially, ensure your drivers are allowing plenty of space between their car and the car in front their own, as snowy and icy conditions can significantly affect their stopping distances in order to avoid collisions.

3. Report claims as quickly as possible

If one of your drivers has a road traffic collision, you must provide your insurance broker’s claims team with all supporting documents and evidence as soon as possible to ensure they have sufficient time to establish liability – ideally at the point of first notification.

Since the implementation of the Whiplash Reforms, early reporting helps your insurance broker establish liability more quickly which can help to reduce claims costs. To learn more about the Whiplash Reforms and how this affects your business, you may find this blog useful.

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At Specialist Risk, we have trusted partnerships in place with risk management experts who provide market-leading vehicle telematics to help keep your drivers safe on the road all year round. This helps to maximise your fleet performance, target savings, and improve operational processes.

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