How to create an effective business continuity plan

November 16, 2021

80% of businesses that suffer a major incident go out of business within 18 months, without a business continuity plan in place1.

Business continuity is about designing resilience into the business process to minimise disruption. One of the most common internal barriers to business continuity is the attitude of “it will never happen” however, COVID-19 highlighted how a business can be faced with an unexpected event that has the capability to challenge its survival. It is therefore vital to have a business continuity plan to help you recover from a potential disaster which could prevent you from continuing your everyday operations.

Recovering from a major incident

Businesses that have successfully recovered from a disaster have:

  • Assessed the likely impact of significant events on their business
  • Planned their response in advance
  • Tested the effectiveness of their plan and revised it where needed
  • Invested time, thought, and where necessary, money, to manage risk

Insurance is a recognised business continuity strategy; however, insurance cannot cover some consequences of a disruption such as damage to your business’s reputation and staff turnover. Therefore, your business’s insurance programme and business continuity plan are inextricably linked, and an effective business continuity plan allows you to identify and minimise the impacts of these risks. In the current hard insurance market, an effective business continuity plan can also make your business appear more appealing to insurers as the business is more likely to recover from the event which can help to reduce premiums.

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At Specialist Risk, we work in partnership with dedicated risk management experts BCarm, who offer a practical step-by-step approach and flexible planning system that enables you to develop and maintain resilience in your business. Find out more about BCarm here.

SRIS clients benefit from an exclusive BCarm offering at preferential rates, helping to create and maintain an environment with reduced risk. Please get in touch with our expert team to find out more.

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isk Insurance Solutions have provided our business with full risk management and health and safety support, and through the implementation of the BCarm (Business Continuity and Risk Management) system, have transformed how we operate in these areas. It has also greatly assisted our audit process and claims defensibility for third-party claims"
Group Finance Director, Belfield Group


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