Things to consider when planning a party to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee

May 31, 2022

Written in partnership with 3PX

As we look ahead to the Jubilee celebrations on the weekend, we have worked with events risk management experts, 3PX Ltd, to advise on things to consider if you are planning a party for the Jubilee.

With all the planning and hard work that goes into organising a street party, you want to ensure that you have given appropriate consideration ahead of time to the risks associated with the party. To ensure that when it comes to the day itself, you can focus on enjoying yourself!

To assist with this, we have put together a brief checklist to help keep you and those attending out of harms way, whilst enjoying celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee:

  • Check to make sure that what your planning doesn’t need a licence, to cover such things as street closures
    If the road is not being closed, ensure that vehicles can still use the road in a manner that is safe to both them and the people attending the party
  • Be considerate to neighbours and consider a leaflet drop to advise them that the party is taking place. Also, make sure people’s cars are not blocked in
  • Conduct a risk assessment to ensure that everything from heavy rain to hot weather can be considered, along with trip hazards and danger to property
  • If the street is being closed with the correct authorisations in place, make sure there is a plan to allow emergency vehicles access if needed
  • At larger gatherings remain vigilant against persons who may try to blend in with an intent to commit crime.
    With larger parties, consider having a Facebook or WhatsApp group that the organisers can communicate on and update with any issues
  • Try and get somebody who is suitably qualified to act as a First Aider, so that in the first instance, they can deal with any injuries that may occur
  • If possible, avoid glass bottles being used, as these could lead to injuries (particularly amongst children) if dropped
  • Make sure that defined boundaries are set as to where young children can and can’t go and always ensure that they are not able to venture to nearby roads which are not closed/restricted

We hope that these tips are of use and that they help you have a wonderful time, whilst also staying safe and looking after others.

About 3PX

3PX works with organisations to help ensure that their security and emergency response plans are current and cohesive, in order to be as effective as possible should they be required.

3PX consultants have in depth operational experience in relation to counter terrorism, including investigation and security coordination, as well as the planning and delivery of UK and international Government sponsored exercises on behalf of HMG.

With extensive knowledge covering Police, Fire & Rescue Service and critical medical care, 3PX personnel have been pivotal in improving organisational preparedness and making recommendations for improvement through testing and exercising.

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