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Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions choose First Notification of Risk technology from Lytx to help customers combat claims inflation

May 14, 2024

Over the past decade we have seen many technologies come to market to help when a claim occurs. These innovations were initially focused on improving efficiency and data collection around the First Notification of Loss. Whether it be telematics, a claims reporting app, or dashcam, these solutions have been immensely valuable for businesses, helping them mitigate risks and reducing the likelihood of claim.

Late in 2022 Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions (SRIS) were introduced to an exciting new proactive and preventative video solution from Lytx. Embracing this innovation and calling upon decades of award winning claims support and experience, a new narrative came to mind ‘Risk before Loss’.

Instead of responding to and managing the consequences of a claim, how could we help a client avoid a claim in the first place, how could we support clients with prevention rather than focus on cure? With this, SRIS have developed a philosophy of “First Notification of Risk” (FNOR), which helps to identify and correct distracted driving in real time and provide valuable insight to businesses and management teams on the behaviour of drivers, improving risks and helping claims be averted, which in turn reduces costs.

In February 2023, Simon Dicks from Lytx gave an informative presentation at the SRIS Fleet Risk Management Seminar at Lloyd’s of London which introduced the Lytx Camera and AI solution and the philosophy of FNOR, and since then many of our clients have adopted the solution and are seeing significant reductions in their insurance claim metrics.

Following this seminar, an SRIS client adopted the FNOR solution via Lytx and one of their partners. This combined the distracted driving video solution with their in-cab feedback telematics system, creating a unique solution that showed over the trial, how the client could benefit from fleet risk improvements, improved driver behaviour, fewer incidents. This resulted in improved efficiency of driving and therefore delivered quantifiable savings in fuel consumption, tyre wear and service costs.

Rob Wright, SRG Client Director & FNOR advocate, quotes:

“As a specialist motor insurance broker, we are here to help clients not just acquire insurance, but to help improve the safety of their fleet by working together with our preventative risk management partner, Lytx. Collaboratively, we strive to reduce the impact of claims inflation and efficiency of the fleet.”

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