Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions combine years of experience in arranging liability covers to protect businesses from a diverse range of incidents.

Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement for most businesses that employ at least one person. This covers employees if they become injured or sick as a result of the work they do and sue you for compensation – it also covers any legal fees you are ordered to pay.

If a member of the public sustains injuries or damage as a result of your business, they can sue you and you could be liable for these costs. Public Liability Insurance therefore provides cover to defend these claims and compensation payments.

Product Liability Insurance offers protection against claims that are made against your business for injury or damage caused by a product that you have sold.

All businesses face unique risks, so please get in touch with our expert team to ensure your business has the correct cover in place. We will work closely with you to understand your potential liabilities before crafting a bespoke insurance programme to protect your business.


Injury and illness, as well as death for employees and third parties

Defence costs

Compensation payments

Payments ranging from £1 million to £10 million


We were first introduced to Miles Smith in 2014 by our financiers. Miles Smith, now known as Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions,  were able to demonstrate that they could streamline our Insurances and in so doing, reduce our premiums considerably. We therefore transferred to them mid-term and immediate savings were negotiated with the holdings Insurers. Improvements in cover were also added immediately, including a contract works limit to allow us to refurb stores up to an agreed limit, without having to refer back to Insurers.

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Where is Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions located?

Our head office is in the City of London, the address is:

One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB. We also have offices in Croydon and Ampthill, Bedfordshire however we are currently working remotely due to COVID-19.

Does my trade fall within Specialist Risk’s appetite?

We work with all types of trades across a multitude of industry sectors. Please call us to discuss your specific needs and our expert team will be happy to assist.

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